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SPRING 18-19: Kiva Market at the Book Fair!

Posted on June 8, 2019 at 12:05 AM

Our Spring trimester students brought a new level of enthusiasm and creativity to their Kiva Market products!  The girls created beaded bracelets, decorated notebooks and an amazing variety of slime, along with duct tape wallets and more. The boys made handknitted lanyards and keyrings, splatter paintings of our school mascot, stress balls and sold small bags of bulk candy.  In addition, our 5th grade boys worked with Ms. Allen's 2nd grade class to produce original superhero comics and we published their stories in an anthology with our Blue Devil Publishing House - and sold over 20 copies, proceeds of which went for Kiva loans.  Thank you, Ms Allen's 2nd graders- you did a fabulous job!

Their efforts earned them over $600 in sales and - after taking out the cost of supplies - were each able to make their own individual loans to a Kiva Borrower of their choice!

In addition, because of Kiva's amazing loan repayment rate, these students got the chance to loan TWICE in one trimester - once in the beginning of the term using the repayment funds and once at the end of the term with their Kiva Market products sales.

Looking forward to next year with an expanded curriculum - to include the United Nation Development Goals, crafting blog posts, partnering with another Kiva lending team at a different school, as well as tracking our loans, learning more about the founder of microfinance and what role the field partners/MFIs play in the Kiva loan process.

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