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In addition to making Kiva loans, I've been busy... by Ariya

Posted on April 28, 2020 at 12:30 AM

I chose my Kiva borrower, GS Caminero Group, because they help provide clothes for people they live close to, and it is important to have good hygiene, so people should have an extra change of clothes. The Dominican Republic (where this group lives) has a huge population, so it is good to have people who can give it to the community.

In addition to making and mapping Kiva loans, during our stay-home time, I also got to teach myself how to use the abacus! An Abacus has beads, that you push up and down from the bar in the middle to count things and solve equations. I learned how to do two-digit multiplication on it, by watching tutorial videos on YouTube. It helps your brain because it strengthens your memory:

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